i stepped on a mine
i hate it
so people are retarded after all
someone does everything well
then out of the sudden screws everything up
explain this
and it has no end
and you have to fight it because you must
and you want to do that because someone has to
afterwards whatever you do is wrong
everything screws up because you feel sorry for that guy
and you don't know what to do with it
left turn bad right turn bad
you want to drive out the highway
it's best to have no mercy
it simplifies things
but no, i can not
time to smoke
but it's cool
maybe it's just bad luck
bad luck to screw everything up with one move
little bad luck
anyway, none of my business anymore
and it's bad anyway
because i feel guilty
and again
good, forgiving is not my job
it's over and it's happy end for everyone
just i still worry
i weakened
i need time
in the end i just feel disgust
and better if it stays this way
i forced myself hard to it