Some Thoughts

i never felt so lonely
it's bad
i see no exit from this situation
i need help
no one wants to help
no one around
and if they want they're far away
maybe it really was better if i didn't exist
unfortunetly it's true
as far as as i'm alive it wont be different
well thanks dad
maybe some angel will show up
cuz it can get really bad
i don't want fights i just want to make graphics
or play chess
or something
after all i like to be very cultural
even tho i sometimes pick to be a boor
the thrill
i like to present my (good) morality
i only have good intentions
tho i really have my limitations
so all of this is just making me suffer
that's why what i said before remains true
i usually don't get angry and there is no hate in me, it looks really bad and only makes things worse
tho i have ego problems
i fight that defect all my life long since i realized that
i really pick honesty over lie
tho sometimes i'm forced to lie
all of that made me only gain some calmness
also, made me pretty sad
well, we'll wait a bit, maybe things get better