that's ok
everything is in norm
so good there is always someone i can talk with
and what i say always will get understood
this matters for me so much
so thanks to that i'm always not left alone with what troubles me
and no one ever makes fun of that because they care about my feelings
it's not like i'm worth as much as the air next to me
i have a value
and people notice that
and, when i'm down no one ever uses that for their own profits
all of this make my life worth living
i spend my life in the front of my computers because i profit from it in every possible way
and i know very soon someone will appreciate thart
i know people value that and no one would feel better if i was gone
and if i wanted to kill myself i would not hesitate at all, this is super easy for a real man like me
because what matters is overall health of the society and every single human unit in it
thanks to that i know i can alway count on support
overall, knowing this makes me a very valued part of the society
money is just a secondary currency
the real currency is common human good will
and, since i was gifted with a very bright mind i rarely make any mistakes at all
it's not like all of this makes me want to barf
and i know slip, people like you care a lot about this stuff
it's not like the only sign of care was shown to me in a goodbye few days ago
totally not the only case in my life
so i always have someone that will take me seriously
this really draws my future in bright colors and i'm so happy with this
it's not like it's over
and this really matters
i still see so many options to improve my life
and for sure others will benefit from that too
there is just so much to believe in
life is just fantastic, i'm so happy i as wad born
i just hope others have at least a fraction of my success in life
because i know sadny most of people are not that lucky
don't thank me for all i've done
if the things were different i'd be struggling in frustration and grief, but since they're not it perfectly fine
and this makes a significant point
i'd type more but there is so many things i need to do i have no time to think about those very significant things
because there was many more times in my life someone treated me like a human being
this really builds up my positive mood
if not that i'd be drowning in despair
and people would degragate me to some degenerated lunatic
and that wouuld make me really alienated to a point of sealed
fortunetly, i'm a prime example of mental and physical health
i feel like i can move mountains
there is no way i can't reach success