Stuffed Pipe

taste of a stuffed pipe like from the 90s i found on your lips last friday
i went back in time, collapsed in your eyes, came back to happy days on my blocks
summer 97, goverment is on lustration, i listen to kazik cuz everyone does
i got some money, i will buy a gram
will go to a buddy behind an iron gate
and i'm going to the park where old women sit
first gonna buy a pipe in kiosk, stuff it not too hard
i'll leave some for later, that's i've been told
i'm gonna stay till the evening, happy, smoked
that's how days and years past, nothing is left from it, i don't remember anything
and only your lips told me all i lack is being young, nothing else i'm missing
let's smoke again, let's go back in time
that's glass delorean stuffed fine
let's get back to years where everything was simple
let's stay there forever, fuck adulthood